The idea behind the SCORING for Legionella relies on the fact that working and investing preventively on good practices is the most effective and efficient way to mitigate the Legionella proliferation. These proactive and good practices based approach are essential to protect PEOPLE and SYSTEMS.

The SCORING for Legionella combines the know-how gathered from different backgrounds: European and country guidelines, academic information and the industrial practice on managing cooling water systems and handling Legionella positivities. Knowing the conditions which favors/ potentiates Legionella proliferation, the implementation of the appropriated preventive measures, the supervision/ monitoring of system and the evaluation of the remedial actions are mandatory items to consider on an integrated approach for Legionella mitigation.

The SCORING for Legionella systematizes a set of 17 questions which focus four different areas: PEOPLE, SYSTEM, PREVENTION and MONITORING. It scores each question on three different dimensions:
(a) evaluation;
(b) multiple choice answer;
(c) confidence level on the answers given;

The SCORING for Legionella was designed to be useful, didactic and helpful on an accurate assessment of the Systems in terms of Good Practices regarding Legionella. The inclusion of the rating for the confidence level on the given answers leads to more ‘think about’, accurate and precise scores and so, to a more ‘close to the reality’ outputs.

The final output scores the Good Practice Factor (GPF) on Legionella approach for the GLOBAL system and for the four areas considered (PEOPLE, SYSTEM, PREVENTION, MONITORING). So, SCORING for Legionella gives specific insights on the areas that should be improved for a fully implemented good practice/ proactive approach.

The SCORING for Legionella tool is FREE and its usage is completely ANONYMOUS. Find it at: